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Luckey and Louie enjoyingtheir stay
Diamond's room of choice!

New To Grammies!
Open by Memorial Day!  Includes11x14 outdoor patio!

Family Suite  18 ft. x 21 ft.   532 Sq. Ft. of living space!  Suitable for multi dog or cat families. Wonderful view of the great outdoors and able to see all the activity of the day.   Comforts of home including sofa, TV or radio.  Nature sounds available for our kitty guest.  This is the Ultimate boarding experience for your best friend!  Not home, but so close, they won't even notice!!!


Family of 9 cats spent their vacation uncaged in the Noahs Ark Suite
Noah's Ark is the cats MEOW! Zoe and Ollie check it out on their vacation

Grammies dog facilities are 8x8 inside and have a covered deck 8x12 outside.  160 sq. ft. of living space.  Outside, flooring is plastic deck material.  Outside enclosure is power coated galvanized steel.  All have doors with key locks. 
All rooms are decorated to mimic home, complete with ceiling fan, window, radio and full size door with blinds between the glass. 
Each room has its own heat source and cooling system.
Floors in dog suites are tile.  Outside walls are Plastex Panels.  These were chosen for their excellent insulation factors and their ability to not allow any bacteria or fungus growth.  They are used in many Vet. clinics.  Walls between runs are 4" glass block.   They offer privacy, but keep face to face meetings non exsistant.  They do however allow lots of light.  Run fronts are 6 ft. sliding patio doors to insure we see your baby and he sees us!  Our indoor play-yard has 4 ft. vinyl fence and rubber flooring.  Sky lights provide natural, soothing light and atmosphere.  Jenny and I toured many of these facilities in Ohio and Michigan for ideas to the Pawfect Home Away From Home.   A lot of thought, time and research went into building the ultimate boarding experience for your baby.


In addition to their large private deck,  they also have access to our outdoor playground.  This play area is  grass with a sand pit for digging and wading pools for summer fun. 
Bad weather no problem.  We have a 26x20 indoor fenced play area in a park like setting. We choose rubber floors for safe running and jumping.  Great place for ball chasing or frisbee throwing.  No pet will spend his day idle.
(Please see note at bottom of page for update on play yard.) 

Salty Dog Inn
Care Bears
Care Bears
Dude's Den
Dude's Den
The Lodge
The Lodge
Sophie's Suite
Sophie's Suite
The Jungle
Pride's Place
Play area

Grammie's day starts abt. 7:00.  Everybody out on their private decks while their room is tidied by our housekeeping staff.  Floors swept and disinfected, bedding changed if needed.  Breakfast is served followed by 1 hr. of quiet time to prevent digestive problems.  Rest of morning pet is free to enjoy patio or outside play yard.  From 12:45 to 2:45 we offer socialized play time.  Your pet can meet and greet others of his same size and temperament, ALWAYS under close supervision of our staff.  This will be in groups of 3-4 only.  This service offered only by your choice.  Also during this time, we offer one-on-one time with one of our "Grammies"  One Pet, one person, doing what ever you choose that you think your baby would enjoy the most.  Play ball?  Go for a walk around farm?  Sit and cuddle?  You name it and we will spend 1/2 hr. pampering your baby.

Supper around 5:00 followed by 1 hr. quiet time.
Sat. night Whine and Cheese party for a special treat, as well as other nightly specials.
Stuffed Kongs with peanut butter, yogart and treats always available.
Bathroom breaks at 7:00 and 11:00PM.  Doggie treat and lights out.

Princess Suite
The Princess Suite
Red Hat Society

After 1 week in operation, Jenny and I have decided the indoor play yard a wise choice!  The dogs love it, even the shy ones come around and join the fun.  
It's also a lot of fun for us humans!